TLG Bolton

The School Day

What does the day look like?

A typical day at TLG Bolton looks like this:

08:30 Students arrive and enjoy time to relax with peers and have breakfast.

09:00 Our day starts gently with sofa time where staff and students gather to explore the issues of the day.

09:10 Staff and students reflect on their progress and either write or review personal or group targets.

09:20 Work begins with our daily focus on reading and spelling

09:40 Our first core subject lesson focuses on English Literature, English Language or Maths

10:25 Break!

10:40 Our second core subject lesson focuses on English Literature, English Language or Maths

11:25 Before lunch is when we use ICT to progress through individualised work, filling learning gaps and working to meet educational and behaviour targets

12:00 Lunch!

12:30 We're back to work with Science or Revive - this is TLG's unique approach to PSHE, SMSC and SRE

01:15 This is our time to explore the breadth of non-core subjects - the humanities and the arts

02:00 After the hard work of the day, we end with space to reflect, play team games and allow the progress to settle in

02:30 Students leave

What happens after school?

TLG operates a range of extended school programmes where students can continue to engage and learn beyond the school day and during the holidays. These might include breakfast clubs and workshops in sports, media, arts and music. TLG also runs social and cultural trips and visits including weekend residentials within the UK and international trips which in the past have included Uganda and Ghana. 

Staff at the school can tell you what is happening and when.

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