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We are an Independent School that helps students aged 11-16 who find themselves at a crisis point in their educational experience due to displaying behaviour that is often communicating a deeper underlying need. The school seeks to address the individual social, emotional and learning needs of young people. Our aim is to re-engage young people with learning helping them develop a value and love for it in its own right - to ‘learn how to learn’.

We deliver this intent with a strong underpinning Christian ethos and values that shape how we work. We want our students to have hope for their future as they understand how relationships both in school and within society are strengthened by love, grace and mercy being shown to others.

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Student Transformation Story

In February 2020 Cathy was at risk of permanent exclusion. Her behaviour in school was disruptive and dangerous and she had numerous FTEs. She had a Managed Move to another school, but that failed. Family relationships were poor with Cathy being constantly angry at her parents for her situation. Sometimes the police had to be called out due to the level of Cathy's violence to Mum. She was disillusioned with life and did not want to engage in education or learning of any kind.

Since being at TLG, she has worked on her emotions and coping skills and in a very short time has matured into a young woman who has aspirations and can see a positive future for herself. She wants to learn and values the merits of education. She is spending more quality with members of the family and this in turn has improved familial relationships. Parents report that home life is better, and this has had a positive impact on their own mental health and personal issues.

'Thank you so much TLG for all the support you have given. I am so happy that at last people can see the wonderful person that was hiding inside an angry and unhappy girl.'

Paul Harper
Key worker
Education and Learning Division

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