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We are an Independent School that helps students aged 11-16 who find themselves at a crisis point in their educational experience due to displaying behaviour that is often communicating a deeper underlying need. The school seeks to address the individual social, emotional and learning needs of young people. Our aim is to re-engage young people with learning helping them develop a value and love for it in its own right - to ‘learn how to learn’.

We deliver this intent with a strong underpinning Christian ethos and values that shape how we work. We want our students to have hope for their future as they understand how relationships both in school and within society are strengthened by love, grace and mercy being shown to others.

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I grew up in a lot of neglect, poverty, crime and violence. I had a massive temper and mental health issues which got me into a lot of trouble with the police. I was kicked out of my house and forced to sleep on peoples couches and floors for years.

I was later referred to the youth offending team for 5 counts of burglary and was introduced to TLG by YOT after being out of education for 7 years.

At first I didn't want to go but I found out it's not like a normal school, it's miles better. After only 3 months I'm a lot happier and more confident, my temper is getting better with help from Danny, Susie and Beth. I've caught up and sat GCSE's and am now going on to sixth form. If there was anyone I know that can't be at/kicked out of school I would recommend TLG in a heartbeat.

- Former student at TLG Bolton

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