Partnerships with Referring Schools and LAs

Working in partnership

Regular contact with referrers ensures that they remain well informed on students’ attendance, progress and engagement with the placement.  Close collaboration between TLG and the referrer enables a joined-up approach to the provision students are offered on their non-TLG days, highlighting opportunities where TLG can support students with qualifications they are working towards through school.

Referral process

Pupils are usually referred to TLG by schools and local authorities and at times, agencies such as Youth Offending Teams, Social Services and Connexions. An initial referral is made by contacting the Head Teacher.

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  • Acceptance on a TLG placement is subject to a successful interview where the young person, their referrer and a parent or carer discuss and agree on expectations and boundaries.
  • Referrers will receive frequent updates on progress and behaviour and open, two-way communication is encouraged.
  • Each half-term, referrers receive a progress report and attend a review where further discussion takes place and plans are made for the next steps.
  • In the lead-up to the end of a placement, support for onward transition is provided.  In the last week, a final review takes place and referrers are invited, along with parents or carers, to attend an awards Presentation.